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Hey Guys!
I'm Vanilla,16 and a huge Panemfan :)

That's my blog dedicated to the amazing trilogy 'The Hunger Games' from Suzanne Collins.
But attention! That's not spoiler free :D
My blog will be full of Hunger Games related things & I'll spam you with photos,gifs,quotes & more (that you'll hopefully enjoy) :)
You want information? You get the information! Just follow me <3

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Katniss and Peeta’s moments

stop looking so attractive,please.

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"they can’t hurt me,i’m not like the rest of you,there’s no one left i love."

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Finally someone understands me!

This is perfect.

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If he wants me to be broken, then I will have to be whole.




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But the scary world is all around us. Whether the walls are Hollywood or the walls are New York or the walls are Afghanistan. It’s just a scary world, you have to know what you want from it, what your intentions are, and know that those things continually change.



Josh and Jen’s reactions to each other’s pictures of their younger selves (x)

Oh Josh :D

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because of her, they all pose a threat

i love this gif *-*

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Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson press interview - Bloopers

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original [x]

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